Detail Service

Detail Service

This is the ideal car detailing service if your car is kept relatively clean, and is typically the option our regular clients who have a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service choose. Regular car detailing can help to spot early signs of paint deterioration and other minor issues to help maintain the value of your car while making it a pleasure for you to drive daily.

Your car is probably your second biggest asset so it pays to look after it. You might have even purchased Paint Protection from the dealership when you bought it. So it makes sense to look after your investment.

This is why many of our clients have their car detailed on a regular basis. For others it is just a question of where they could better spend their time rather than washing their own car. Even taking your car somewhere to have it washed takes time. Regular car detailing has been proven to increase the resale value of your car and you get the added benefit of driving around in a nice clean environment. On that note did you know that the average car steering wheel has 12 times as many germs as your toilet seat!

Swift Recon’s professionally trained detailers can offer a wide range of additional services like Paint Protection, Headlight Restoration, Paint Correction, Alloy Wheel Protection…

Is your car due for a service?

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